EXPOAPA 2016 - 16-18 Maggio - Bucarest, Palazzo del Parlamento

published in 13/05/2016

For the first time in Romania, GEST will attend this year to the Danube Regional Water Forum Eastern Europe 2016, International Exhibition: “Expo Apa 2016”. We are looking forward to see you between 16 and 18 of May, Booth no. 74, I.C. Bratianu Hall. We will be delighted to share with you informations and technology of MDM (Meter Data Management) domain.
"Expo Apa 2016” it is at its 18th edition and is organized by Romanian Water Association.
The event is open to all professionals in the field of water since administrators water resources, operators of water supply and sanitation and not least the general public interested in improving the performance of technical and managerial sector.
For more informations about “Expo Apa 2016”, please feel free access www.araexpoapa.ro


published in 12/10/2015

An important event for 300 000 Italian block administrators.
The topics that were tackled include the efficiency the design and the constitution of the sustainable buildings.
During the event there were presented some of our products that target the energy saving and cost efficient practices for the users in the domain of water and gas consumption. We have highlighted the new automated remote reading systems for the control of the consumption, the distribution and the book-keeping in order to improve the work of the building manager.

H2O – 22/24 Ottobre 2014 – Bologna Fiere

published in 12/10/2015

Siamo presenti alla fiera più importante per il settore dei servizi idrici in italia. Sito nel quartiere fieristico di Bologna, rappresenta il punto di incontro tra produttori, aziende pubbliche e private ed imprese di servizi idrici. In collaborazione con Homerider Systems, presenteremo i nuovi prodotti per la telelettura, il controllo qualità dell’acqua, la ricerca perdite e tutti i nostri servizi.

13/C, Cristoforo Colombo Street
95037 San Giovanni la Punta (CT)