Special Reading Services Based on the Photo Taken of a Meter

Professionalism and Experience

Since 2000 GEST provides services of meter reading for different administrating units based in various locations throughout the country. Along the years the company has developed its own detecting software developed for portable devices that are able to guarantee the best and the most accurate and punctual services and to provide qualitative information that always meet the requirements of the clients.
In 2003 the data systems providing services were improved by the photo meter reading feature, that let them read the photobased information. Ever since then GEST has invested in the implementation of new technologies and in the development of easy and flexible access to important information.

The Advantages and the Features of the Service

The photo meter reading is a proof of the operator passing by the user’s devices. Every photograph is certified with the registration of the data, of the hour and of the geographical position of the subject that is being photographed. Also, the photograph may attest the state of accessibility and the position of the meter.

The photograph of the meter is useful in order to demonstrate the validity and trustworthiness of the obtained, and later, invoiced data in case of further complaints from the part of the user. The photograph is a certain, unquestionable proof and a useful support for a front-office administrator.


The Reading Services of the Meters with Automated Procedures that Allow Long Distance Measurements

The Features of the Service

GEST has always dedicated a great deal of care and special interest to find innovative and up-to-date solutions and has in time developed its own services on the field involving the very best of the smart technologies.

The smart remote reading services proposed by GEST use new technologies produced by the biggest global providers from the field that including different size meters of the best known brands (Itron, Sensus, Diehl, Maddalena, Kamstrup etc…) The softwares are able to gather data from all types of devices, they communicate wirelessly via M-bus OMS or by protocol as part of Homerider Systems.

Methods of Data Collecting through Walk-by / Drive-by

From an operational point of view, the remote reading method called walk-by/ drive-by is based on collecting information from the meter just simply by walking by it. The distance that determines the data collections depends on different factors based on the placement of the meter and on the different obstacles placed between the operator and the device. In normal conditions the data is gathered from a distance of 200 meters.

The advantages of this technology as compared to the traditional one are closely linked to the speed with which the information is gathered, the accuracy of the data that is not conditioned by the manual procedures and the availability of the readings even in the case of those meters that are placed within the homes of the users. This type of reading is also advantageous due to its cost efficient nature when it comes to assembling the system as compared to the fixed network solutions.

Services for Fixed Network

With GEST besides reselling the technology the customer receives full services in building the infrastructure as it carries out the replacement of the old equipment and it assembles the smart meters, configures the system, it installs the transmission devices and concentrators and last but not least it analyses and optimizes the system if needed.

GEST is a System Integrator that concerns itself with the integration of the smart systems using the well-known software systems and also with the development of the vertical software solutions and Web Services necessary in order to synchronize the data between different systems.


Services that Detect Consumption In Accordance with the Geographic Coordinates of the Meters

The Features of the Service

GEST uses its own software solutions created by the IT staff for GPS (professional and standard systems) and it is able to identify the exact geographical coordinates (give or take 3 meters) in order to accurately integrate the GIS systems located on the property of the users.

The proposed services are not limited only to the data gathering. Every geographic coordinate obtained this way will undergo an optimization process performed by professionals in back-office with the use of some specific procedures and using specific software implemented by GEST in order to improve the quality of the information.

The fact that the back-office services are meant to create an optimal and more reliable source of information is a feature that clearly distinguishes GEST from other providers.

The professionalism displayed by the company is certified by the great results in all the services that it provides for a varied type of clientele.


The services that feature the photoreading done based on a photograph depicting the meter

The Features of the Service

GEST provides data detecting services of the energy consumption by reading the data present on the meters that are located in blocks of flats or private houses. The method of obtaining this is the same with the one used by the analog method that is used in water utilities thus it is using high quality instruments that are ready to register by the help of a photographing the consumption at the moment of the reading.

This procedure assures the accuracy of the data and thus disables all possible controversy that might trouble the end user. The package is offered to the block administrators together with the management and the distribution of the users’ consumption in order to offer a complex and professional solution in all the possible phases of the service.


The Automated Data Gathering Systems of Consumption

The Features of the System

The accumulated experience and the knowledge of the field has permitted GEST to be introduce to the market of the private users (blocks of flats, and private utilities) being able to offer the kind of technology that until now has been only in the hands of the administrators/managers. The remote reading systems used by GEST are currently used by one million users worldwide and guarantees the liability of the products when it comes to the data collection regarding the consumption and the useful information that can be accessed by the customer anytime. This allows the private users to be aware of the consumption anytime and to control the losses.
The remote reading system proposed by GEST provides equipped meters with an integrated non-invasive module with limited dimensions, that transmit the data through radio frequencies and respect the national norms and regulations. The data gathered this way is sent to a web server via HSDPA/GPRS that transforms them into manageable data with the help of certain web interferences or mobile apps developed by GEST.
Every block administrator is able to consult the real costs of every user and to compare them with the common meter’s consumption located usually at the entrance of the building taking into consideration, in real time, the possibility of losses. In order to support the work of the administrators GEST suggests software solutions that help distribute and establish the real consumption of each user thus guaranteeing accuracy and punctuality.


Services that Facilitate the Distribution of the Users’ Consumption in the Blocks

The Features of the Service

GEST offers services that will help the administrators to distribute the exact consumption for each and every user from the building based on the reading using the standard reading devices as well as the ones that enable the remote reading of the meters.

The algorithm that enables the distribution is customized based on the regulations of each building and the web interferences will allow the administrator to check the data online from any location and at any time, and thus will be able to follow the entire consumption of each user.
If the system is connected to a remote reading device, the interference is able to notify, in real time, the possible losses thus making it possible for the administrator to announce the user and overcome serious damage and to identify and mend the problem that caused the leakage. The distribution and the establishment of the consumption is calculated by functions that allow the users to compare the consumption invoiced by the administrator and the consumptions of other user in the same period thus ensuring a precise cost distribution scheme.


Services that Help Establish the Consumption of the Users in a Block of Flats

The Features of the Service

The reports are elaborated based on the distribution of the consumption and also on the cost of the competent water utilities’ administrator. The process sums up the expenses transparently and displays cost columns and the parameters by which the consumption was distributed to every user.

The GEST report uses as its model the invoice of the water utilities’ administrator in order to redeem the detailed information regarding the consumption.

The phases of the described services are as follows:

  • Import the information into a data warehouse and check the conformity of the current data with the ones from a previous reading that belong to the user;
  • Standardization and recovery of the identification data or of the meter readings of each user;
  • Export the reshaped databank and import the reading rotations in the reading system;
  • The collection of invoices and importing the data into the system in the case of every user in the block of flats;
  • The import of the reading data that derives from every reading cycle in the data-warehouse;
  • The collection of the payment data of the administrator regarding the periods that define the issuing of the invoice;
  • The calculations of the consumption based on the payment systems that are applied by the administrator and that are corresponding with the period each reading was made;
  • Checking the issuing and distribution data of the consumption with the administrator for each and every user;
  • The release of detailed reports for each user with the explanation of the consumption in the payment system database;
  • Publication in a defined area of the WEB reading data (based on users and rotation) and publication of the issued data;
  • Assignment of the access area on a Web space by the user in order to be able to consult the personal data and publication of the issued amount based on each situation in particular;


Instruments that Enable the Verification of the Water Consumption

Area Dedicated on APPs

The instruments of development used by GEST represent a valid support always available to help the users save money and resources. The web portal of GEST can be accessed by everyone in special areas of consumption and every user can check the evolution of their own consumption comparing it with the expected consumption or the pervious consumption in different time spans. The instruments are adapted to the user features that can personalize the parameters of data calculation and compare.
The possible losses are immediately communicated via SMS or and by e-mail. There is a special section dedicated to inform the user that contains suggestions and information on an energy saving practices that are always updated.
The registration on the portal can be done by all the users for whom GEST provides services including the blocks of flats. The advantage of being registered on the portal is that you can get notified in case of possible losses or leaks and you may know when the readings have been done.
In order to guarantee the support for the user, even when he cannot access an internet enabled PC, GEST developed an application (for smartphones and tablets and for iOS) that is focused exclusively on the consumption of the energy.

Assistance for the End User

The care and attention addressed to the end user is the bases of all the services offered by GEST. All the staff is equipped with certified identification that contains the data of the operator and the beneficiary.

There is also the active call-based support that helps users go through the registration and web system interrogation processes that are at the disposal of the clients.

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